Dale Pond: Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

From my earliest experience on the internet decades ago, I have been drawn to the work of Dale Pond. I am still enthralled by the possibilities opened by an understanding of Dale’s work with sympathetic vibratory physics. Dale has consistently been at the forefront of the research and understanding of sympathetic vibratory physics, and has given so much back to humanity with the SVP website, the SVP Wiki and the Pond Science Institute. He has also introduced these concepts worldwide to innumerable people through many absolutely excellent books and lectures. Dale has a strong background in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, metal working and tool-making, computers, mathematics, acoustics, hydrodynamics, geometry, music, publishing and common law. He has also designed and machined the Dynaspheres… some of the most exquisite pieces of machinery anyone has ever seen.

It is a pleasure to welcome Dale Pond to Lumindia. Please enjoy the interview below.

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