Joshua Gulick

My goal is to make my life and the world a little better every day.  My hope for the future is a world of reason tempered with love for each of our fellow inhabitants on this flourishing planet.  I believe humanity is rapidly maturing into a species with the knowledge necessary to exquisitely advance ourselves and our planet, the daring to do what is best for our distant future, and the will to truly serve our highest potential.

In my 38 years, I have watched science continue to blossom.  I am fascinated by new discoveries and the way our knowledge binds us together.  I am well-versed in many aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and psychology.  I am also an avid experimentalist and innovator with a long list of future projects.  My most recent project is the elegant spectraphonic periodic table of the elements, where one may hear the music of the atoms themselves.  The specific light frequencies characteristic of each element (atomic spectra) were downshifted forty octaves and reconfigured as audio files and made available for all to hear.  One can hear the chordal progression from hydrogen to fluorine and the relaxing resolution of neon.

I’m a man of few, but valuable words.  I am eager to be able to share hope, humor, and understanding with our guests and listeners.




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